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Some Results of f-Biharmonic Maps   K. ZEGGA
Some Results on Harmonic and Bi-Harmonic Maps  A. M. CHERIF
Almost Hermitian Golden Structures  H. BOUZIR, G. BELDJILALI and K. ZEGGA
A New Class of Curves Generalizing Helix And Rectifying Curves  F. HATHOUT
The Generalized Taxicab Distance Formulae  H. B. ÇOLAKOĞLU 
A Study on Lightlike Submanifolds of Golden Semi-Riemannian Manifolds  N. POYRAZ and E. YAŞAR 
A Study on Some Special Riemannian Manifolds with Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection  H. BAĞDATLI YILMAZ, S. A. UYSAL and B. KIRIK 
Some Results on Weak M-Projective Symmetric Sasakian Manifolds  H. BAĞDATLI YILMAZ 
Some Notes on Projectable Linear Connection F. YILDIRIM and M. POLAT
On Quasi-Para-Sasakian Manifolds  İ. KÜPELI ERKEN 
Notes on Constant Precession Curve  E. ÖZTÜRK
Hamiltonian Mechanical Systems with Respect to the Lifts of Almost Product Structure on Cotangent Bundle  H. ÇAYIR and Y. SOYLU 
The Transformation of the Evolute Curves Using by Lifts on R³ to Tangent Space TR³  H. ÇAYIR and S. ŞENYURT 
On Minimal Surfaces in Galilean Space  M. DEDE and C. EKİCİ 
Some Remarks for a New Metric in the Cotangent Bundle  F. OCAK
Warped Product Submersions C. MURATHAN and İ. KÜPELI ERKEN
On Developable Ruled Surfaces in Pseudo-Galilean Space  M. DEDE and C. EKİCİ
Generalized Paracontact Metric Manifolds C. L. BEJAN, Ş. EKEN MERIÇ and E. KILIÇ
Parallel Second Order Tensors on Vaisman Manifolds C. L. BEJAN, and M. CRASMAREANU
Smarandache Curves According to the Sabban Frame Belong to Spherical Indicatrix Curve of the Salkowski Curve S. ŞENYURT and B. ÖZTÜRK
Some Properties of Riemannian Submersions Between Ricci Solitons Ş. EKEN MERİÇ and E. KILIÇ
Biharmonic Legendre Frenet Curves On Generalized Indefinite Sasakian Space Forms B. E. ACET, M. GÜLBAHAR and E. KILIÇ
On Minimal Complex Lightlike Hypersurfaces E. KILIÇ, M. GÜLBAHAR and S. KELEŞ
A Characterization of the De Sitter Space E. ÖZTÜRK and Y. YAYLI
Spherical Curves in Finsler 3-Space Z. ÖZDEMIR, F. ATEŞ, F. N. EKMEKCİ
Special helices on the Ellipsoid Z. ÖZDEMIR
Notes about the g-lift of Affine Connection R. ÇAKAN and E. KEMER                       
β-Kenmotsu Lorentzian Finsler Manifolds A. F. SAĞLAMER and N. KILIÇ
On C-Parallel Legendre Curves in Contact Metric Manifolds C. ÖZGÜR
Compact Einstein Multiply Warped Product Manifolds F. KARACA and C. ÖZGÜR
On the Geometric Properties of Fixed Points in Rectangular Metric Spaces N. ÖZGÜR and N. TAŞ
Gradient Yamabe Solitons on Multiply Warped Product Manifolds F. KARACA 
Ouasi-Einstein Manifolds with Space-Matter Tensor A. K. DEBNATH, S. K. JANA,  F. NURCAN and J. SENGUPTA
Reflections with Respect to Line and Hyperplane by Using Quaternions M. ERDOĞDU
A Rotation Minimizing Frame and Ruled Surface in  R1n Ö. KESKİN and Y. YAYLI
Applications of Rotation Minimizing Vector Fields on Curves and Surfaces in Euclidean Space Ö. KESKİN and Y. YAYLI
Cubic Surfaces Over Small Finite Fields A. BETTEN and F. KARAOĞLU
Representation Varieties of 3-manifolds and
Reidemeister Torsion
Singular Minimal Hypersurfaces A. ERDUR and M. ERGUT
The Equivalence Problem of Dual Parametric Curves N. DEMİRCAN BEKAR and Ö. PEKŞEN
Conformal Slant Riemannian Maps from Almost Hermitian Manifolds Ş. YANAN and B. ŞAHIN
Cubic Surfaces and Associated Arcs F. KARAOGLU and A. BETTEN
Curvature Inequalities  for Anti-invairant Riemannian Submersions from Sasakian Space Form H. AYTIMUR and C. ÖZGÜR
Detecting Similarities of Bézier Curves for the Groups LSim(E2), LSim+( E2) İ. ÖREN and M. İNCESU
Global İnvariants of Paths in the Two-Dimensional Similarity Geometry İ. ÖREN
Smarandache Curves According to q-Frame in Minkowski Space C. EKİCİ, M. B. GÖKSEL and M. DEDE
Slant Curve in Lorentzian Bianchi -Cartan-Vranceanu Geometry A. YILDIRIM
Ruled Surfaces with Constant Slope Ruling with Quaternionic Representations A. YAVUZ and Y. YAYLI
Bi-Slant Submersions in Paracomplex Geometry Y. GÜNDÜZALP
Spacelike Curves and B2-Slant Helices in R24 M. A. AKGÜN
Modified Spinorial LeviCivita Connection on the Spin Hypersurfaces of Manifolds S. EKER
Rotational Weingarten Surfaces in 3-Dimensional Space Forms U. DURSUN
On a Class of Hypersurfaces in Euclidean Spaces with Zero Gauss-Kronecker Curvature A. KELLECI and N. C. TURGAY
On Special Curves of General Hyperboloid in E3 F. ATEŞ
Spacelike and Timelike Constraint Manifolds for A Closed Chain on Lorentz Plane O. DURMAZ, B AKTAŞ and H. GÜNDOĞAN
A Characterization of Weak Biharmonic Rotational Surfaces in E4 M. HARMANLI, K. ARSLAN and B. BULCA
Some tensor conditions of Globally Framed f-Cosymplectic Manifolds M. YILDIRIM and N. AKTAN
A General Fixed Point Theorem on A-Metric Spaces Ö. GELİŞGEN and T. ERMİŞ
On Obtaining Complete S-Metric Space T. ERMİŞ and Ö. GELİŞGEN
On The Geometry of Submanifolds of a (k, µ)-Contact Manifold M. ATÇEKEN and P. UYGUN
The Geometry of Complex Metallic Conjugate Connections M. ÖZKAN and T. TAMİRCİ
Timelike V-Bertrand Curve Mates in Minkowski 3-Space B. BILGIN and C. CAMCI
Timelike V-Mannheim Curve Mates in Minkowski 3-Space E. AVCI and C. CAMCI
An Example of Curvatures of a Sliced Contact Metric Manifold M. GÜMÜŞ and C. CAMCI
A Study on Timelike Directional Bonnet Canal Surfaces G. UĞUR KAYMANLI, C. EKİCİ and M. DEDE
Spherical Indicatrices of Directional Space Curve C. EKİCİ, G. UĞUR KAYMANLI and M. DEDE
Some Notes on Poly-Norden Manifold Z. TOPUZ and C. KARAMAN
Smarandache Curves of Spacelike Salkowski Curve with a Spacelike Principal Normal According to Frenet Frame S. ŞENYURT and K. EREN
Instantaneous Kinematics of a Planar Two-Link Open Chain in the Complex Plane K. EREN and S. ERSOY
Some Fixed Point Theorems in G-Metric Spaces with Order n S. KIZILAVUZ, Ö. GELIŞGEN and T. ERMIŞ
Loxodromes on Space-Like Rotations Surfaces in E^4_1 M. BABAARSLAN and M. SELVİ
Loxodromes on Time-Like Rotations Surfaces in E^4_1 M. BABAARSLAN and M. GÜMÜŞ
On Some Geometric Properties of Contact Pseudo-Slant Submanifolds of a Sasakian Manifold S. DİRİK, M. ATÇEKEN and Ü. YILDIRIM
On C-Bochner Curvature Tensor in (LCS)_n-Manifolds Ü. YILDIRIM, M. ATÇEKEN and S. DİRİK
Involute curves in 4-dimensional Galilean space G4 M. A. ISAH AND M. ALYAMAÇ KÜLAHCI
The Generalized B-Curvature Tensor on Normal Paracontact Metric Manifold M. ATÇEKEN, Ü. YILDIRIM and S. DİRİK
Notes On Second-Order Tangent Bundles K. KARACA, A. MAĞDEN and A. GEZER
Space-like Loxodromes on Helicoidal Surfaces in E^4_1 M. BABAARSLAN and N. SÖNMEZ
Some Results on Rectifying Direction Curves in E3 S. KIZILTUĞ, G. MUMCU and A. ÇAKMAK
On Directional Curves in 3-Dimensional Minkowski Space S. YURTTANÇIKMAZ, A. ÇAKMAK and G. MUMCU
Some Lift Problems in Semi-tensor Bundle of Type (p,q) F. YILDIRIM and M. POLAT
Some Results on Metric Contact Pairs İ. ÜNAL
Historical and Philosophical Foundations of non-Euclidean Geometry V. TEMİZKAN and İ. ÜNAL
A Study on Directional Generalized Tubes H. TOZAK, C. EKİCİ and M. DEDE
On k-Type Slant Helices due to Bishop Frame in Euclidean 4-Space E4 Y. ÜNLÜTÜRK, H. TOZAK and C. EKİCİ
New Version of Integral Representation Formula in Bianchi Type-I Spacetime M. ERGÜT and T. KÖRPINAR
Galilean Transformation for Bertrand Curves of Biharmonic Curves in Heisenberg Group T. KÖRPINAR, S. BAŞ and R. C. DEMİRKOL
An Approach for on Π₁-Surfaces of Biharmonic Constant Π₂-Slope Curves According to Type-2 Bishop Frame in the Sol Space T. KÖRPINAR, V. ASİL and Y. ÜNLÜTÜRK
Bonnet Surfaces of Integrable Geometric Flows with Schrödinger Flow Z. KÖRPINAR, T. KÖRPINAR and N. EROĞLU
Inextensible Flows of Principal-Direction Curves in Euclidean 3-Space V. ASİL, Z KÖRPINAR and S. BAŞ
New Approach for Inextensible Flows of Π₁Bishop Spherical Images According to Type-2 Bishop Frame T. KÖRPINAR, V. ASİL and Z. KÖRPINAR
On Focal Curve of Spacelike Curve According to Modified Frame M. YENEROĞLU, S. BAŞ and V. ASİL
New Focal Curves of Timelike Curves According to Ribbon Frame in Minkowski Space M. YENEROĞLU, T. KÖRPINAR and V. ASİL
On Bihyperbolic Numbers and Their Geometric Properties M. BILGIN and S. ERSOY
Some Suborbital Graphs Drawn on the Poincare Disc T. KÖROĞLU
On The Variational Arcs Due to ED-Frame Field in Euclidean 4-Space Y. ÜNLÜTÜRK and M. ÇİMDİKER
On Darboux Helices in The Complex Space C3 Y. ÜNLÜTÜRK and T. KÖRPINAR
Codazzi Couplings of Riemannıan Manifolds with a Structure of Electromagnetic Type A.    GEZER, S. TURANLI and S. UÇAN
The Study of Pseudo Symmetry Oof a Normal Complex Contact Space Form K. F. ZOHRA and M. BELKHELFA
On Suborbital Graphs with Hyperbolic Geodesics and Entries of Matrices from Some Sequences A. H. DEĞER, Ü. AKBABA, T. TUYLU and İ. GÖKCAN
The Farthest Vertices on the Suborbital Graphs via Hyperbolic Geometry A. H. DEĞER, Ü. AKBABA, İ. GÖKCAN and T. TUYLU
On Construction of Q-Focal Curves in Euclidean 3-Space S. BAŞ, M. YENEROĞLU and R. C. DEMİRKOL
On Design Developable Surfaces According to Quasi Frame S. BAŞ, T. KÖRPINAR and V. ASİL
Dual Generalized Quaternions and Spatial Kinematics E. ATA and Ü. Z. SAVCI
Cayley Formula, Euler Parameters and Rotations in Generalized Quternions E. ATA and Ü. Z. SAVCI
A Note on Hypersurfaces of Almost Poly-Norden Riemannian Manifolds S. YÜKSEL PERKTAŞ
Biharmonic Curves in 3-Dimensional f-Kenmotsu Manifolds S. YÜKSEL PERKTAŞ, B. E. ACET and S. OUAKKAS
Some Results on Bi-f-Harmonic Curves in  (α,β)-Trans Sasakian Generalized Sasakian Space Forms S. YÜKSEL PERKTAŞ and F. E. ERDOĞAN
On a Type of Lightlike Submanifold of a Golden Semi-Riemannian Manifold B. E. ACET
Ruled Surfaces whose Base Curves are Non-Null Curves with Zero Weighted Curvature in E13  with Density eax+by M. ALTIN, A. KAZAN and H. B. KARADAĞ
Rotational Surfaces Generated by Non-Null Curves with Zero Weighted Curvature in E13  with Density eax2+by2 M. ALTIN, A. KAZAN and H. B. KARADAĞ
On the Curves N – T ×N× in E3 Ş. KILIÇOĞLU and  S. ŞENYURT
Null Cartan Curves of Constant Breadth T. AĞIRMAN AYDIN, H. KOCAYİĞİT and A. MAĞDEN
On Quaternionic Space Curves of Constant Breadth T. AĞIRMAN AYDIN, H. KOCAYİĞİT and M. SEZER
On Some Characterizations of The Harmonic and Harmonic 1-Type Curves in Euclidean 3-Space H. KUSAK SAMANCI, H. KOCAYİĞİT and S. AYAZ
On the Curvatures of Tangent Bundle of a Hypersurface in Eⁿ⁺¹ S. YURTTANÇIKMAZ
Screen Generic Lightlike Submanifolds B. DOĞAN, B. ŞAHİN and E. YAŞAR
Transferring of Subspaces Between Metric Spaces and Comparison of Their Properties B. KARAKAŞ and Ş. BAYDAŞ
A New Algorithm to Define the Control Points for a Bezier Curve B. KARAKAŞ and Ş. BAYDAŞ
A Study on the One-Parameter Elliptical Planar Motions A. Z. AZAK
Fermi-Walker Derivative in Dual Lorentzian Space F. KARAKUŞ, T. ŞAHİN and Y. YAYLI
On Classification Biharmonic Submanifolds in Complex Projective Space A. CHEHRAZI and E. ABEDI
Bi-Slant Submersions from Kaehler Manifolds C. SAYAR, M. A. AKYOL and R. PRASAD
The Perception of Children Continuing Pre-School Education to Geometrical Figures in Their Drawings and Lives R. P. AKÇA and F. AYDOĞDU
An Investigation Through Painting of the Perception of 4-5 Year-Old Children Continuing Pre-School Education to Geometrical Figures F. AYDOĞDU and R. P. AKÇA 
Euler-Lagrangian dynamical systems with respect to an almost product structure on tangent bundle H. ÇAYIR and H. DURUR
Certain Semisymmetry Curvature Conditions On

Paracontact Metric (k, µ)-Manifolds



A Note on Surfaces of Revolution Which Have Lightlike Axes of Revolution in Minkowski Space with Density Ö. G. YILDIZ and B. ÖZDOĞRU
Non-Developable Ruled Surfaces with Density N. ULUCAN and M. AKYİĞİT
Smarandache Curves by Harmonic Curvature in Lie Groups O. Z. OKUYUCU, C. DEĞİRMEN and Ö. G. YILDIZ